Unifyle is Verified as Citrix Ready

Posted by Brian Duckering on Apr 10, 2015 10:16:24 AM

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Unifyle recently reached another milestone, with both iOS and Android apps now verified as Citrix Ready®.  Unifyle successfully completed the battery of tests to validate its compatibility as a joint solution with a variety of Citrix products, including ShareFile, XenMobile and XenApp.

Unifyle uniquely extends the productivity for Citrix customers by making all files accessible without the need to move or migrate anything. Worx customers can have unprecedented access to SharePoint and other file stores, without having to make unsecured and unsynced copies.  XenApp Customers can open files directly in applications hosted on XenApp, then save back to the original source, without ever bringing the file to a remote device.

See the recent press release here

For those not as familiar with Unifyle, it is a virtual file management and access solution that makes existing enterprise file shares behave like they were in DropBox, so they are easy to access and use from outside the firewall and from mobile devices.  Unifyle becomes a single dashboard for ALL of your files, including cloud services that are allowed by IT.  With this powerful solution, businesses can:

  • Add cloud-like features to your existing corporate file stores.
  • Extend access to all file shares to mobile devices.
  • Search, manage, edit and share files securely from anywhere.
  • Integrates tightly with all existing corporate security measures.

Anyone with a mobile initiative that could benefit from better access to enterprise files should check this out.

For a quick explanation of Unifyle, here is a video and a product brief.

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