Right Place, Right Time, Right Team – Why I am so excited to expand my role at FSLogix

Posted by Doug Coombs on Mar 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

I have been around the block, maybe twice, but who’s counting?  I have worked for and With Multi-National, Multi-Billion Dollar companies.  I have worked for months, without a paycheck, to get start-ups, well, started up.  I have been a Support Technician, Engineer, Architect, Sales Person, Product Manager, and Executive; in the case of the aforementioned startups, simultaneously.  I have worked for people I didn’t care for – but far far more often the people I have worked with and for have been brilliant, talented, well intentioned, kind, tireless and oozing with passion.  Those short, but seemingly endless stints in ever shrinking coach seats aside, I have enjoyed every minute of the past, ummmm . . . few years.  In short, I have been seriously career blessed!

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Topics: End User Computing, FSLogix, Electric Vehicles

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