Citrix Director: What is it Good For?

Posted by Rory Monaghan on May 8, 2018 9:51:34 AM

Recently at the Citrix Masters Retreat,  I attended a session oddly named Citrix Sucks.

A lot was discussed, it was a pretty great session. One point that was brought up was the fact that Citrix's monitoring product Director just isn't very good. Personally, I have to agree. It's not the best product out there for monitoring a Citrix environment. Director doesn't hold a candle to competing products such as those from Goliath TechnologiesEG InnovationsLiquidware StratusphereExtraHopControlUp and likely others! I will get into each of these at some point on this blog post. Some of these products are very different than others so it's definitely a worthy topic for further discussion.

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Topics: XenDesktop, XenApp, Citrix Director

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