1703 App-V Sequencer and Templates

Posted by Tim Mangan on Apr 25, 2017 10:43:13 AM

One of the new features of the 1703 Sequencer mentioned in TechNet “What’s New” page involves templates.

No, Microsoft didn’t do what we asked to make it easy to always load the sequencer with a Template using a registry setting like we did in 4.x. But they did solve an issue that traps everyone when updating packages. The issue is that when you open up a package for update or editing, you must use the same settings that were used when creating the original package. This includes any changes in the tools/settings (this includes changes to the exclusion list), as well as checkboxes on the advanced tab of the sequencer editor. These are all things that are captured in a template file. When I train people in App-V Sequencing, I encourage them to save off a template file of any package that they make changes to these settings. This aids in updating packages and connection groups. I find this information is rarely properly documented by the packager.

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Embracing and Accepting Legacy Java Apps with Love and Happiness

Posted by Brad Rowland on Jun 15, 2015 8:31:49 PM

The AppSense Bigot recently posted part 1 of his “FSLogix first look” series, Managing Legacy or Multiple Java Versions, the EASY Way!

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Topics: AppV5, Sequencing, java, App Packaging, App Virtualization, java redirection

Amber Reef publishes Part 5 of Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI

Posted by Brad Rowland on Apr 8, 2015 10:12:06 AM

Duncan Murdoch of Amber Reef (and author of the AR.c suite) has just released Part 5 in his series on Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI, including a cool video demo.

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Topics: VDI, App-V, App Packaging, App Virtualization, non-persistent VDI

Add-ins, Add-ons, Plugins and Fonts

Posted by Brad Rowland on Feb 27, 2015 2:05:00 PM

The topic of managing applications on a per-user basis usually focuses on the Big A of Applications, and leaves out all the various additional modules and components end-users need to be productive.  This can include things like browser plugins, toolbars, applications add-ons, and fonts.  But in many enterprises, it's exactly these additional components which add exponential management complexity above and beyond the application itself.

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Download Your Free Copy of the 451 Research Impact Report on FSLogix

Posted by Brad Rowland on Feb 13, 2015 5:16:41 PM

The tech gurus at 451 Research have published an Impact Report about FSLogix, "FSLogix's tool simplifies application virtualization, delivery by hiding apps from users."

John Abbott provides the 451 perspective.  "Two-year-old startup FSLogix is readying the release of Apps 1.5, an application visibility tool that could provide an alternative – and sometimes a complement – to application virtualization. It works by hiding applications by policy, and its core premise is to simplify image management by installing all applications natively into a single golden image and then at runtime making sure users get to see only the apps they need or have permissions for. Automated Java version control at application launch is becoming one of the most common use cases, and it's a focus of the new release."

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App-V Internet Explorer Add-on Conflict: Watch those Registry Keys

Posted by Tim Mangan on Feb 5, 2015 9:08:00 PM

Students run into this problem in our App-V training classes every time.

The Problem

In one of the labs we deal with creating and deploying a handful of browser plugins in a connection group.  And everyone runs into an issue of some of them seemingly not working.  The lab specifies a set of plug-ins to use, but I usually encourage students to work off-script and sequence from a bigger set I have available or download something they use at work.  Typically, they sequence a bunch of add-ons, running a smoke test on each to verify operation.  Then, when they place them in a connection group, some don’t appear in the browser.

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The Virtualization Practice on the Logic of FSLogix

Posted by Brad Rowland on Sep 24, 2014 5:00:50 PM

Nice write up on FSLogix Apps from Jo Harder.

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Topics: App-V, App Packaging, File System, Application Virtualization

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