Team, Tech, Timing: Why I Became a Technical Evangelist for FSLogix

Posted by Jim Moyle on Jul 5, 2017 8:24:33 AM

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I’ve been lucky enough to be on the advisory board for FSLogix for the past two years and have enjoyed being a small part of seeing this company grow.   I’ve recently decided to get much more involved and will be starting with the FSLogix team in a permanent role.

When taking the plunge to join a new company my motivations have changed over the years, or rather let me say, the things I care about have expanded beyond what my younger naïve self might have considered.  My previous inexperienced mind would have just cared about the technology,  everything else would be fine if the tech was good.  Over the years it’s become much more apparent that it’s not just the product that matters, it’s the team you work with too.

Let’s look at the technology first, FSLogix provides a range of solutions based upon the same underlying components.  This is great as you only need to develop ‘one thing’ and you aren’t maintaining many different code bases.  Secondly everything they do is relevant to current customer pain points.  From enabling search for a non-persistent desktop, getting apps to run both natively and assigned per user, profile solutions and let’s not forget getting multiple versions of Java to run together.  I’m particularly excited by the ability of the FSLogix suite to be the grease in the Office 365 wheels.  Everyone in the industry recognises how well O365 and Skype for Business has gone for Microsoft, but you can’t expect the platform provider to allow for every use case.  This is the job of the ISV community to step in a fix those issues.  You can see this attitude carrying on in the latest release which overcomes the Skype for Business GAL download issue for non-persistent desktops.  So yes, I’m very much looking forward to getting my hands dirty with this exciting and relevant technology.

The second point is the team you get to work with.  I love the concept of what they call ‘playing up’ in the workplace.  Admittedly to an UK ear this sounds more like misbehaving at school rather than something you should be aiming for at work, but it means you should always try and work for, and with, people whose skills outshine yours.  No-one ever learnt anything by making sure they were always the smartest person in the room.  I can tell you with some pride I’m definitely not the smartest person in this room.  Kevin Goodman the FSLogix CEO has been a bit of a mentor of mine for some time, and his industry pedigree is second to none in this space.  The CTO Randy Cook and his team have produced wonderful stuff with very few people,  you can only do that if you have the best.  The rest of the team also live up to these high standards.

All in all I intend to have a lot of fun, learn a whole load of new skills and meet new and interesting people. (FSLogix just edged out the cruise ship mixologist job I almost took.)

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