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Posted by Brad Rowland on Mar 29, 2016 3:02:20 PM

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FSLogix is moving release notification to our new Support Forum, along with best practices documentation, and tips from FSLogix Apps gurus.

If you are a customer, or actively testing FSLogix Apps, please register here.

Today we are releasing FSLogix Apps point release  2.1.1179.4 ( with the following features and fixes:

- Only set the ACL on the VHD Profile directory if it is not correct

- Handle concurrent logons of the same user on the same machine

- Add "migrate-vhd" command to frx.exe ("frx help migrate-vhd" for syntax)

- Additional fix for removal of the "local_<username>" folder

- Make redirection of TMP, TEMP, and INetCache to "local_<username>" on by default

- Log result of profile load to the System Event Log

For questions, please contact support @ fslogix . com or your FSLogix sales representative.

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