Microsoft: Significant Improvement Using FSLogix

Posted by Brandon Lee on Aug 23, 2017 4:03:38 PM

In a recent article on, Dealing with Outlook search in non-persistent environments (under the Office 365 in RDS and VDI deployments topic), the results of the RDS Gurus report comparing FSLogix Office 365 Container and native User Profile Disk roaming solution is examined.


A common issue customers face with their non-persistent (pooled) Remote Desktop Services environments is handling users' Outlook data. When Outlook is running in cached exchange mode, the .OST storing a user's Outlook data must follow the user as they roam from host to host. Windows Search Service indexes the .OST and creates an index catalog to enable search functionality in Outlook. In non-persistent RDS environments, the index catalog doesn't roam with user data and must be rebuilt every time the user signs into a new PC, which could potentially be every sign-on. Until the Windows Search Service finishes indexing the .OST, users get limited or incomplete search functionality


When it comes to user experience, the RDS Gurus found that FSLogix's Office 365 Container exceeds UPD in Outlook search functionality. In the UPD case, search does not return results or returns incomplete results as Windows Search Service indexes the .OST. Because FSLogix roams the index catalog, users see search results immediately. RDS Gurus observed a significant improvement in user experience when searching in Outlook in non-persistent RDS environments using FSLogix.

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