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Posted by Brad Rowland on Jun 18, 2015 10:00:37 AM

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Apparently today was Hat Trick Thursday, with three great articles showing up in my newsfeed highlighting the simplicity, diversity, and powerful problem solving abilities of FSLogix Apps 2.0, as seen by industry experts, gurus and pundits.

Freek Berson, who blogs at The Microsoft Platform, provided the first review (that I've seen) of using FSLogix Apps with Azure, in his new article, Managing your Azure RemoteApp application landscape using FSLogix Apps.

"FSLogix Apps is very powerful yet extremely simple solution. It provides solutions for very common scenarios related to managing the application landscape within a RDS or VDI solution. In this case I’ve only covered 3 scenario’s, but there are obviously many more. Also note the scenario’s above were not strictly bound to RemoteApps in Azure but rather RemoteApps in general and thus can also be applied in on premises environments. What I wanted to point out in this blog post is that FSLogix has the same added value to Azure RemoteApp scenario’s and provides an easy solution for a lot of very common scenarios without making things over complex. That’s why I think Azure RemoteApp and FS Logix Apps are a great match!"

Considering the in-depth Azure material on Freek's blog, I'm hoping to see more on how FSLogix and RemoteApp create a super simple and very powerful solution for enterprise app delivery.

Next up is an article from Thomas Krampe from Login Consultants, called, FSLogix 2.0, Simplicity Still Wins.  If you use Google Translate to go from German to English, the title becomes, "Simplicity Quietly Wins".  I like this because it reminds me of the technology adoption curve where people are convinced you can't make a complex problem simple, then a simple solution is invented, then it seems obvious to everyone, and finally we just assume it's always been like this and move forward to the next problem.

"With version FSLogix 2.0 is a new feature which makes the administration and management of user profiles on Windows simplistic. Instead of configuring how far local or roaming profiles travel and managing them through various more or less complex tools and controls, FSLogix outsourced the entire user profile from a network (or locally) saved virtual hard disk (VHD or VHDX). How easy it is to configure, I show in this blog post."

And finally, Gabe Knuth, independent analyst and longtime industry guru at BrianMadden.com, posted an article on App Refactoring and App Management being two of the biggest trends in 2015.

"At Synergy, FSLogix won the Best of Synergy award in the Desktop Virtualization category for their application management platform. We’ve covered them before, but they’ve made a lot of important updates in the last year, so we owe them another look in the coming weeks. At BriForum there were three sponsors that were specifically selling application management platforms: FSLogix, Ceedo, and CloudHouse, not to mention the offerings from other sponsors like VMware and AppSense. We even had a “Smackdown” session that featured a comparison of Unidesk, VMware, and FSLogix."

For all of you who have been involved in server-based-computing (VDI, RDSH, etc) for many years, you can probably see that there is a ton going on in our space right now.  The technology improvements and innovations across every area that touch IT are allowing FSLogix (and others) to make some pretty revolutionary jumps forward.  The next several years prove to be an interesting time, and even though we've been saying "this is the year for ubiquitous virtual desktops in the cloud" for about 15 years*, it feels like it's getting pretty close.


* "Ubiquitous virtual desktops in the cloud" have been referred to as the hosted workspace, ASP model, outsourced server based computing, utility computing, etc, etc, etc.  Although the names seem to change every couple of years, the idea of having a Windows based, cloud hosted, virtual desktop has been talked about as "imminent" since possibly 1999, and was widely popularized when Traver Gruen-Kennedy (formerly of Citrix) made "ASP" one of the top buzzwords of 2000. 


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