FSLogix Logon Improvement Metrics From uberAgent

Posted by Brandon Lee on Jul 7, 2016 8:07:04 AM

In this Webinar hosted by Trond E. Haavarstein (xenappblog.com) and Helge Klein (uberAgent), we explore logon metrics, but in particular, uberAgent metrics that allow us to better understand how user logons are being impacted. Kevin Goodman (CEO) and David Young (Solutions Architect) fill out the panel from the FSLogix team to dive into some of the technical nuts and bolts in order to help dissect the results.

The uberAgent and FSLogix frameworks are definitively laid out, with the primary points of discussion revolving around folder redirection and the FSLogix Profile Container methodology. Even with such compelling test results, the webinar inevitably steered towards the latest industry pains surrounding Outlook and Office 365, which is just one of a number of topics discussed that you absolutely can not miss!

Watch the full webinar HERE

Topics: profiles, profile containers, folder redirection, Office 365, Outlook, logon times

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