Citrix BYOD Project Volume 1 – The Desktop

Posted by Douglas A. Brown on May 13, 2014 7:30:00 PM

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DOWNLOAD BYOD Project Volume 1 with FSLogix Apps  - Version 1.1

I’m very happy to announce that I’ve released an updated "How To: BYOD Project" ebook with both updates to the existing 1.0 version and a completely new and complete Appendix. What is an Appendix?  Well let me explain…

My idea behind this project is not just to document Citrix DesktopPlayer, XenClient, Synchronizer, XenApp, XenMobile, and NetScaler but to create a full solution, step-by-step. Over time I will be adding amazing 3rd-party solutions to this project as stand-alone appendixes!  These are complete 'How To' documents but they also fit completely in to the project, step-by-step. The idea is to have documentation slide in and out depending on the solution you are building, based on the products you have chosen.

I’m very happy to inform you I just posted my first ‘Appendix’, How To: FSLogix Apps!

FSLogix Apps is a great solution to manage application visibility and policy based control from a single gold image.  As you are building your virtual machine you just include the FSLogix Agent and from your workstation you create a few rules and away you go!  Well, there is a bit more to it than that but not much!  Simple and POWERFUL, to say the least, and it fits perfectly in to the BYOD Project! Truly wonderful add-on and all step-by-step, soup-to-nuts. Hope you enjoy it.

The ‘How To: FSLogix Apps' will teach you: 

  • How to Install and configure FSLogix Apps
  • FSLogix Apps Prerequisites & Requirements
  • How to Install the FSLogix Apps Agent
  • How to Create FSLogix Apps Rules
  • How to Install FSLogix Apps RuleEditor
  • How to Create a New Rule Set
  • How to Test a Rule Set
  • How to Add New Rule to Rule Set
  • How to Create Rule Set Assignments
  • How to Hide Printers Based on Location
  • How to create Application Visibility Reportz
  • How to Deploy FSLogix Apps Rules 
  • Over time I will release more appendixes! Stay tuned!

That being said, if you have already downloaded the project then I hope you enjoyed it. The feedback has been amazing! I’m just tickled! Please check out this update. I think you will love it even more!

OK, enough already, here you go!

DOWNLOAD BYOD Project Volume 1 with FSLogix Apps  - Version 1.1

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