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Ian is a self-taught computer science expert in operating systems and mainstream security. He is dedicated to initiating a revolution and mass upgrade of global software infrastructure that is based on 50-year-old technology. Prior to cracking the code of unikernels and developing a commercially viable solution, Ian served as an engineer at enterprise mobile security provider Appthority. Previously, eh worked at Bluff.com on poker analytics and studied Computer Science briefly at the University of Missouri-Rolla before pursuing a call to travel the world. For more information on NanoVMS, visit www.nanovms.com
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What the Heck is a Unikernel?

Posted by Ian Eyberg on Jul 6, 2018 12:41:10 PM

Guest post from Ian Eyberg, CEO and Founder of NanoVMS

Virtual machines, containers, and unikernels. What are the differences? What is a unikernel anyways?

While virtual machines and containers get tossed around a lot in IT circles a new term has started entering the vernacular - unikernels - but what are they? Unikernels are a method of deploying software. They contain a given software application and the bits of the operating system that is needed boiled down to a very small lightweight secure virtual machine. Unlike containers, unikernels are at the end of the day, just virtual machines, albeit special tiny ones. Sometimes the VM can be ten to twenty megabytes.

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Topics: Virtual Machines, Unikernel

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