Amber Reef publishes 4 part article on Alternative Deployment and Management for non-persistent VDI

Posted by Brad Rowland on Mar 26, 2015 5:42:00 PM

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Duncan Murdoch at Amber Reef (and author of the AR.c suite) just published an in-depth, 4 part series of articles on Alternative Deployment and Management methods for non-persistent VDI, using App-V and FSLogix.  Duncan explores how FSLogix can be used in this environment to help achieve 6 critical milestones with an existing implementation including; 

  1. Introduce no new infrastructure
  2. Deliver as many applications on App-V as possible
  3. Manage the applications on a per-user basis
  4. Enable DR capabiities for applications and users
  5. Keep to the principle of a Single Master Image for users and business areas
  6. Any Technologies introduced should be usable across multiple platforms


The complete articles on are the Amber Reef blog site.

App-V:  Alternative Deployment and Management (AD&M) Part 1

"A customer has made the decision to run Non-persistent VDi before understanding the Application estate. Their initial deployment was for a single business unit with a very simple application set (Web apps and office). This has been deemed and presented as a success (and rightly so for the described use case) and has therefore validated the VDI Non-persistent design."

AD&M Part 2:  Deploying and Managing App-V Packages

"The App-V Deployment and Management script I am going to describe here was largely the result of an engagement (See AD&M Part 1 for and overview) where the customer wanted to introduce a minimal number of solutions. If you are reading this article and interested in delivering your App-V packages without needing any infrastructure, I would recommend you also take a look at App-V Scheduler. It is a great solution and also fits into the capabilities described in the AD&M Part 1 (See also Better2Gether)."

AD&M Part 3:  Creating FSLogix Rules for App-V packages

"FsLogix is a new way to manage application visibility and availability on a per user basis by creating a set of rules for the applications. For locally installed applications it enables you to make the application invisible to a user that is not granted permissions to use it. If you have not yet looked at the product I would recommend you do so."

AD&M Part 4:  Deploying and Managing FSLogix Rules

"In AD&M Part 3 we looked at how to create FsLogix rules for App-V Packages. Obviously the beauty of FsLogix is that it is also for Installed Apps. What you don’t get with FsLogix is a heavy management framework (hence it is ideal for this series of articles covering infrastructure free deployment), and distribution of the Rules are based on mechanisms that you might have in house already. One option is to distribute these rules along with the application/package."


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