5 Bytes Podcast: Episode 3 - Spectre and Meltdown Update, Apple Text Bomb Bug, Windows 10 v1709 Woes, Citrix Rebranding & More

Posted by Rory Monaghan on Jan 23, 2018 12:20:31 PM

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Thanks to everybody for supporting the two episodes of the 5 Bytes Podcast. I have been learning a little as I go, I'm sure the quality will get better and better. If you do have feedback, please reach out to me via Twitter.

Episode 3 features Spectre and Meltodown Update, Apple Text Bomb Bug, Windows 10 v1709 Woes, Citrix Rebranding and more.

All 3 episodes are now available on iTunes. I have been notified of a problem with finding the podcast in the App Store, I am currently in a remote part of Thailand with crappy hotel internet. I promise to look into this but it may take a couple of weeks to resolve. For now the link provided here, on Twitter and on Facebook should get you to the Podcast.

Here are this episodes links as shown in the YouTube video:

Intel Patch Bug

Free LoginVSI Performance Impact Analysis

Excellent ArsTechnica Article Explaining Why Patching Causes Performance Issues

Apple Text Bomb Bug

Microsoft Bitlocker Compatibility Bug

Hot Jobs

Scripts, Tricks and Tips

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Topics: Meltdown and Spectre, Windows 10 1709, Citrix Rebranding, Apple Text Bomb

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