Why I'm So Excited to Join FSLogix

Posted by Michel Roth on May 3, 2016 10:36:11 AM

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If you follow me on twitter you can see that I call myself an efficiency junkie. I’m always looking for the most efficient way to address something  and I am addicted to this feeling. This goes for my private life as well as my work life. In fact, I strongly feel it is even more important in business.

All throughout my career I’ve always been focused on helping customers being most efficient at running their actual business and not spending too much time and resources on IT – so that IT can actually be an enabler for the business. This same focus I have had whether I was in (pre-)sales, as a consultant, in product management or even as an helpdesk employee.

This focus is the main reason why I am so excited to now be a part of FSLogix. Ever since I was first introduced to FSLogix I have been blown away with the simple yet very efficient approach that FSLogix uses to solve very real problems that customers have today. Let me explain the word ‘real’ a little here. Take for example a problem that many companies face: dealing with the need to have to use different versions of Java for different applications/websites they want (or as IT would say ‘have’) to use. This is a real problem that many companies face. FSLogix recognized this and built a solution that’s a) very simple and non-intrusive (installs in less than a minute) and efficient (can start solving the problem in minutes). Another example is that we take away the pain of dealing with Office 365 in desktop virtualization environments. These are just some examples of the solutions that FSLogix offers. Our other solutions (both current and future) will be cut from the same cloth.

I can honestly say that from my 15 years’ experience in End User Computing that it is pretty rare to find a simple yet very efficient solution to solve the real issues that IT faces today – and even more to find a solution that is very non-intrusive and has a really short time to value. Aside from all the great technology it is great to finally be able to work side by side with some of people I’ve come to respect most in the desktop and virtualization industry. I’m very much looking forward to working with all of our customers, resellers and distributors in the EMEA team and helping them understand why FSLogix is by far the most exciting product I have seen for a very long time!

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