Video from BriForum 2015 - VDI v2: So Good that Users Will Think They are Running on Physical Desktops

Posted by Brandon Lee on May 9, 2016 10:16:15 AM

Michael Thomason displays just how easy it is to manage applications and profiles using FSLogix. 

"Learn how to leverage all user data from a central store and stop roaming and streaming your profile data. This will be one of the BIGGEST impacts to login times yet!"

VideoBriForum2015ss.jpeg"Learn how to deploy video-conference solutions through VDI while reducing GPU workloads over 50% per guest!"


This session provides the year’s best opportunity to learn how to:

  • Build and deploy a VDI solution using industry-standard reference architecture that obtains a superior user experience
  • Leverage modern hardware and software integration to solve many VDI "woes"
  • Explore future advances in graphics processing and the affect it will have on the user experience
  • Solve many "user profile" and login time issues

Session Takeaway: Take VDI to the next level and improve the user experience.


*Note: You can find the FSLogix Discussion around the 46:00 mark of the video

Topics: VDI, BriForum, virtualization, non-persistent VDI, profile containers, roaming profiles, profile management, Brian Madden, BrianMadden, End User Computing, BriForum 2015, VHD, User Profiles, Office 365, VHDX

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