Venetian/Palazzo Citrix Synergy - Inside Tips and Things You Did NOT Know Part 2: Inside the Property

Posted by Brandon Lee on May 23, 2016 10:39:32 AM

As we get underway for Citrix Synergy Las Vegas 2016, it's about time we got down to the good stuff, including where to find all the goodies like the hidden bathrooms, hidden Bar and Food, Great Restaurants and MUCH MUCH MORE!

I felt compelled to save this article, as certain perceived "High Roller" areas are meant to be hidden and accessible to only the "privileged." These are the secrets that no one will tell you about, unless you're at least a black chip player (minimum bet of $100 per hand). Even then, there is still a very high chance nobody will openly inform you of these areas. Yet, almost every employee will be happy to point you in the right direction of all the amazing restaurants.


Strip_View_From_Palazzo_Room.jpg**Overlooking The Venetian and The Strip from a Palazzo Suite**

If you enjoy poker, well you'll be right at home as I alluded to in my first article about Navigating Vegas. Gaming is everywhere and with the World Series of Poker kicking off next weekend, you may begin to see an influx of poker players towards the end of Synergy. If you would like to order food or drinks in the Poker Room, the menu there is excellent. Last I checked, I believe you earned $2/hr in comps while playing.



**The Venetian Poker Room During the WSOP 2015**

Hidden Agenda Venetian: High Limit Slot Lounge

In the Venetian there are a couple lounges located almost directly across the casino floor from one another. Both are found in the High Limit areas of the casino floor which are walled off with only one entrance and exit. 

The first of these two lounges is located in the High Limit Slots area, which can be found on the left hand side of the Casino, if you're walking in from the front, beneath the remarkable ceiling, modeled after Michaelangelo's masterpiece in the Vatican's Sistine Chapel. This High Limit Slot area has some really really cool private rooms with about 5 slot machines, a couch, and a flat screen. Anyone is free to sit and play (or not), however if you look a bit young or "out of place" expect to be approached and carded but that's about it. Unless you're in a room and it appears you could be annoying a big slot player (Remember what I said about them? REFRESH) then it's a great place to kick back and catch up amongst friends. Try to at least order a drink if you're not going to play the slots in those private rooms. They weren't made for loitering, but on the same token, the casino would much rather have people in there ordering drinks with a potential to gamble than none at all.

The lounge in the High Limit Slot area requires a relatively high history of gambling on the property. As a result, they typically do not want your everyday Joe taking advantage of the "perks." Therefore, during busy hours, typically a guard is posted outside to check IDs after someone has swiped their players card of Tier Level Gold or above at the appropriate sensor. A guard is not always present though, so if you happen to stumble in while someone is either coming out or going in, feel free to take that as a queue to mosy onward!

What you'll find inside is what you would expect from most lounges: an assortment of free food and drinks, flat screen TVs with the news or a sporting event, a waitor or waitress, and private bathrooms with Free bottles of Scope. The food is often composed of sliced sandwiches (turkey, ham, roast beef), Soup of the Day, fruit, cheese, crackers, and some deserts to top it all off like chocolate covered strawberries or a canoli. Drink wise, there is some lemonade, iced tea, pepsi products available for order from the waitress, and of course coffee. Feel free to grab a seat at a table, or one of the couches, and kick back as you settle into the comfort of the Gold Lounge at the Venetian. 

Hidden Agenda Venetian: High Limit Table Game Lounge

High Limit Lounge number two is much much more difficult to find. The reason is that it's nearly impossible to find on your own and unless you're gambling at BJ or Baccarrat in the High Limit room, almost nobody will tell you about it. First off, the High Limit table games room is located on the otherside of the bakery from The Grand Lux (The Venetian one, because yes, there is also one in the Palazzo) or directly to the Right of the Casino Host Desk.

Once inside if you look like you're out of place, everyone will be able to pick up on it right away, so it's important to act as if you know where you are and are either looking to gamble, or headed to the bathroom and/or lounge. Just be fully aware of where you are and DO NOT act surprised to see individuals betting $100k+ per hand of baccarat, or even give it much notice (gamblers are often times very superstituous). Simply walk past everyone and straight toward the back where you will find a set of private bathrooms and even further back a private bar and lounge area somewhat similar to that of the Slot Lounge. 

The designated food for this area is much MUCH different than what you will find in other lounges. This particular lounge caters more to the Asian gamblers by offering more traditional Asian cuisine such as congee, lo-mein, fried rice, and kimchee. 

Hidden Agenda Palazzo: High Limit Slot Lounge

Interestingly, this one is not so interesting. This lounge is actually the same lounge used for VIP checkin at the Palazzo. This means amenties are fairly sparse with some very light beverages and snacks. It's EASILY accessible by any and everyone if you know how to find it. 

Simply look for the High Limit Slot area in the Palazzo and walk straight back to the set of double doors and voilà! No key, no guard, no one will question you, but with the lack of restraint also comes the lack of amenities. 

Hidden Agenda Palazzo: High Limit Table Game Lounge

Now this one is very similar to the Venetian but for whatever reason, it feels so much more welcoming and accessible to outsiders, if one only knew. Well now you do! And yes, you guessed it, just head toward the High Limit area and you can find the lounge by walking past the tables and turning left. You'll see some trays with bottles of water at the back before you turn left, feel free to grab one if you need one, or you can wait to hit a fully stocked bar with private bathrooms on your right (yep filled with Scope) and some similar food to that of the Venetian Slot Lounge.

(Key Tip: For the most part, everything is free, and you can order almost any basic drink you would like, just remember to tip your bartender, but don't expect free shots of Louis XIII or Johnny Walker Blue.)

I know you were hoping to find out what and where the dishes below are, and how you can find them.


**Center Dish: Japanese Wagyu Grade A5 cooked on a hot rock**

Well you will soon find out in my next release of Inside Tips: Dining at the Venetian and Palazzo. We'll cover quick fixes such as Chipotle to the amazing steaks at Cut by Wolfgang Puck


And of course, stop by BOOTH 729E to chat with members of the FSLogix Team, enter to win cool prizes, and learn more about the launch of the FSLogix Office365 Container for Citrix


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