Venetian/Palazzo Citrix Synergy - Inside Tips and Things You Did NOT Know Part 1: Checkin

Posted by Brandon Lee on May 20, 2016 10:57:32 AM

Last time we covered some nearby cuisine, along with gambling, and other entertainment activities away from The Venetian and Palazzo. If you missed it, you can READ IT HERE.

This time, it seems fitting to go inside The Venetian and Palazzo for our next series of tips. Having personally lived in each Hotel Tower, for upwards of 6 consecutive weeks at a time, over the past decade, I can assure you that you'll find these tips useful!


**View from the High Roller overlooking the Strip**

Las Vegas has a nonstop rotation of events and conventions throughout the year that bloat these extravagant properties, all while trying to extract every little dollar they possibly can. I'm guessing most out there are familiar with the ever contentious "Resort Fees." If not, here you can find a fairly current resort fee guide for Las Vegas.  

If you're one of the lucky ones to be staying onsite for Citrix Synergy, The Venetian and Palazzo offer some of the best rooms in Vegas! Depending on your arrival time, lines can get pretty out of hand while checking in and checking out. Nobody wants to stand around for an hour, luggage in tow, just so they can pick up a key card for their room. I know what you're thinking, "But I can just check my bags and come back to check-in later." Sure, you could, but who's to say the line will be any different at that time? Wouldn't you rather drop everything off and get settled first? 

If you have an option between the two resorts, choose the Palazzo because the rooms are newer and therefore less worn. Don't get me wrong, they're both nice, but things like missing couch buttons, cushions, remote controls, hook ups can make the difference. I do not recommend the Venetzia Tower as long as the other two are open. 

I have no doubt that many of you have carried your fair share of hotel keys, and maybe every now and then, you've taken notice of something interesting on one. However, did you know that at many of the Strip Hotels in Las Vegas actually have different sets of hotel key cards in order to identify the individual's "status"? The Venetian/Palazzo and Treasure Island across the street both implement these types of hotel key cards.

For example, a regular guest may get a key card that has a green stripe at the top, while a mid tier gambler that is here on an invite from marketing, may have a red stripe. Meanwhile, a VIP level player may be issued a key card with a dark blue stripe. The colors and designs are usually changed so that people can't simply keep their keys to make it past the guards at the elevators. 

The Venetian Check-In Trick

At the front of The Venetian hotel to the left of the usual check-in/check-out counters, there is another counter with signs that read "invited guests." This is where the guests that have received special promotions/invites go to check-in, and their line can be orders of magnitude shorter.

Now, what most people don't know, is that there is another VIP Check-in that is behind the double doors inbetween the two check-in counters. This is typically reserved for guests that have hosts who have personally set them up for a VIP Check-in at either Venetian or Palazzo. When things are bustling around in the main area, sneak your way straight towards those double doors and don't fumble around. Make sure you know where you're headed and walk as if that's where you are meant to go.

Once inside, treat yourself to some water, lemonade, ice tea, or perhaps a cookie even? Make sure it's not busy, as there are usually only 2 people manning the counter and as long as no one else is in line or waiting, they can technically check you into your room. They are not obligated to check you in, but they may just ask you a few questions such as these:

  • Are you an invited guest?  Answer: "This is where I was told to check-in" or "This is where my last host used to always have me check-in."
  • So you have a host? Who is it? Answer: "I used to have a host here but they've changed properties."
  • Can I see your players card or do you have your players card?  Answer: "I haven't had time to get a new one."

Key Tip: Remember, customer service is extremely important, and even more so in their industry than many other industries. And in this case, it's the VIP area, the last thing they want to risk is potentially upsetting a whale (high roller gambler). So if you're just polite and respectful, at this point they will almost ALWAYS check you in on the spot. Personally, I have NEVER been denied being checked in on the spot, as long as no one else is waiting. 

The Palazzo Check-In Trick

Entering from the front side of the Palazzo, the checkin area will be straight ahead. The VIP checkin can be found behind the double doors on the far right hand side behind a pillar.

When you enter there will be a little host office on your right, and a very short hallway that opens up into a circular space which typically has 1-2 people manning either/both the left and right hand side of the counters. Once again you can walk past them to a nice little area and grab a snack but in this case, the method above is the same. Now, if you've been generous enough to read this far, here is the inside tip to the do you have a host question: "Yes, Harry told me he would set me up, but I'm in town for a convention and my company is picking up the tab, so that's why he didn't set up this reservation. I just figured I could go ahead and check in here like I always do though." This might just score you one of those VIP room keys.

(Random Tip: If you ever get asked, "what game do you like to play the most?" by a Casino Floor Staff Member or Host, especially if you don't have any record of gambling at a casino, or simply don't gamble at all, always say "slots." Casino Hosts LOVE slot players.)

The Venetian - Palazzo Request your room

Give them your preference on the proximity to the elevator. The Venetian has 3 long hallways with one really long hallway. If you get stuck on the wrong floor, on the end of that long hallway, you can easily tack on 6+ minutes of commute time. Just make sure you ask for your preference,  and maybe they can accommodate you. Trust me, that walk to the end of the LONG hallway at the Venetian, then stopping at every floor on your way down...nightmare, am I right?

Next time 

I'll dive into some of the High Roller secrets that include hidden lounges, bathrooms, and free food and drinks. We'll also take a look at some restaurants and where you can find this gem:


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