Using FSLogix to Implement Scale Out File Server (SOFS) Backup Solution

Posted by Brandon Lee on Apr 10, 2018, 12:22:05 PM

While working with FSLogix Profile and 365 Containers to support user personalization on Virtual Desktops, Leee Jeffries discovered Scale-Out-File-Server (SOFS). The SOFS allows us to host files that are meant to be continuously available, but there is next to no information on backup solutions.

"During the implementation approach and reviewing all the operational consideration on SOFS I quickly realized there is next to no information on backup solutions. Microsoft’s own Data Protection Manager doesn’t backup the files on the SOFS, well… of course not. They are continuously available; we come to the root of the reason for this post." -Leee Jeffries

Leee used a setup hosted in Azure in order to build out his SOFS. After discovering a lack of information in regards to a backup solution for SOFS, Leee realized he could leverage the capabilities of FSLogix to achieve this functionality. By writing a script to copy the contents of VHD files to a separate server, this server can then become the backup target for Data Protection Manager!

Continue reading and check out Leee Jeffries' script to implement SOFS backup solution using FSLogix

Topics: FSLogix, Scale Out File Server, Backup Solution

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