Load Balancing For Security?

Posted by Clive Longbottom on Feb 20, 2017 4:30:22 PM

Load Balancing (LB), is now popping up on the corporate security agenda! LB is no longer just about managing traffic flows across enterprise routers and servers. In the age of the cloud and software defined networking (SDN), the LB off-loading function has serious possibilities for deflecting DDOS attacks by shifting attack traffic from the corporate server to a public cloud provider. Next generation software load balancers with advanced dashboard capabilities can also provide deep analytics down to the individual application. This is exemplified in the next-generation SDN load balancing just announced by AVI Networks.

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Topics: cloud, security, Software Defined Networking, Load Balancing, DDOS

Cellular rises as a driving force for SD-WAN adoption

Posted by Rob Bamforth on Sep 12, 2016 2:46:07 PM

There is no doubting the impact that software defined networking (SDN) is having in changing traditional approaches to connectivity. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the WAN with software defined wide area networks (SD-WAN).

This combination of cheaper commodity line connections, fast and streamlined hardware, all controlled by remote management software in the cloud is growing fast. In part this is because it offers lower cost, while still being well managed and secure. It also delivers on the software defined potential for truly flexible connectivity and capacity.

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Topics: cloud, Software Defined Networking, Software Defined Wide Area Networks

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