FSLogix and Per User File-Type Associations

Posted by Duncan Murdoch on Aug 27, 2015 1:55:42 PM

I was reading James Rankin's article (See Here) the other day on the train and what struck me was the effort that was needed to get "User-File-Types" deployed. It just seemed like a whole lot of effort, and James' summary is fully justified. In the modern world this sort of thing should just be easy. Having used App-V for so long I've got used to applications delivering FTA's based on the user allocations and hadn't really thought about it something that needs to be managed bt a separate path (i.e. by GPO). James then goes on to write the following FSLogix article (Here - Good job by the way) and I thought to myself. Can we achieve the same FTA allocations just using FsLogix Rules and little bit of Masking. This would remove the need to have the application configuration managed by both FsLogix and by the GPOs. Having the application management all done by one thing should make life easier from and Ops and Support perspective.

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Topics: Application Packaging, File Type Association

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