Getting Started With Docker

Posted by Rory Monaghan on Jan 16, 2017 1:40:06 PM

Docker is by far the most popular application container technology on the market today. It’s an open platform that’s used the world over by many! Developers in particular, though more and more people are using Docker containers in a production environment and popularity is growing so much that it’s likely that vendors may begin to deliver their products as containers. 

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Topics: Application Virtualization, containers, Docker


Posted by Nic Burkinshaw on May 11, 2016 4:00:00 PM

I am a bit of a geek and consequently end up trying new hardware, apps and frameworks all the time. One issue with this is maintaining a reliable OS image. I am currently fiddling about with IoT hardware that runs a trusted connection to a web server to avoid broad internet access. Evaluating each new framework inevitably results in library inconsistencies and unstable platforms with unexpected errors. One way forward, is to run in containers and the consensus is that Docker ( is the leading solution.

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Topics: IoT, Docker

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