The Waiting is Over: Outlook Search on XenApp

Posted by Brandon Lee on Jan 24, 2017 4:03:29 PM

In today's modern world of technology, email has evolved into one of the fundamental aspects of everyday business. Many of us rely on day-to-day email clients, such as Outlook, not only for the purposes of communication, but also as an archive for retaining vital information. Outlook's search functionality is something that is often taken for granted until it's no longer available. For individuals in XenApp environments, the ability to search has long been desired but never fully realized. 

Outlook Search.jpg

Scrolling through days, let alone weeks or months, worth of email just to find a single one is enough to annoy the most tempered of individuals. And if you're reading this, then i'm sure you know exactly what i'm referring to because combing through email is one of the most tedious and time consuming tasks, and it ultimately kills productivity. Think about how much email builds up from just a little bit of PTO and then imagine having to go through that every single day...

We feel your pain.

Users that were previously handcuffed to a brick and mortar approach of searching through their inboxes can now rest easy. The waiting is over and Outlook Search on XenApp is no longer a wistful fantasy. Alleviate the pain and monotony and give your users the freedom to search! 

  • Search index persists to user
  • Profile solution independent
  • No performance hit

80-20-10 Benefits of Outlook Search on XenApp:

  • 80% Reduction in CPU Utilization
  • 20% Greater Session Density
  • 10 Minutes to Configure

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