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Posted by Jim Airdo on Jul 11, 2018, 1:24:22 PM

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When I joined Citrix Systems, Inc. in 1993 as their first pre-sales engineer, I was excited and amped-up as to what the future would hold for virtual computing and multi-user computing systems that could run and deliver Windows applications over low bandwidth connections.

Such a new concept, such a new approach, such a difference from the client-server computing model that was displacing green screens and terminals by storm with Windows 95, Novell NetWare 3.12 running on Compaq servers. Delivering apps such as Lotus 123, WordStar, WordPerfect, Sybase and Paradox! I can see that many of you reading this are scratching your heads because of some of the old technologies that I’ve mentioned thus far that have made their way to the garbage bin in the corner of the raised floor server room.

Now you’re either saying “How old is this dude?” or “What the heck is he talking about?”.

Well, as I’ve navigated through the technology landscape over the years I have noticed that the more things change, the more they actually stay the same. “The Next Big Thing” is always right around the corner, yet it never shows up. Well, maybe the iPhone has fulfilled that expectation to a degree, but that was 2007 and we’re still waiting on the many promises of AI, truly secure computing, cool wearable devices that blend in with my J. CREW clothing, and inexpensive battery technology.

Looking forward we have seen server-based computing, virtualization and web hosted applications become commoditized at internet speeds. The cloud is the new “next big thing” but it will take time, it won’t be implemented as a light switch flipping from one day to the next, it will be a slow, arduous, continuous push as companies and businesses align to this paradigm. Most countries are struggling with implementing and enforcing privacy policies being driven by local cloud economic demands whereby the data cannot leave the country! Simple, right! I’m smiling too.

As you can hopefully see, I am enthralled with technology that drives change that drives business that drives change. Innovation is key. Adapting is key. Perseverance is key. Adding value is key. And executing on innovating, adapting, persevering and adding value is where FSLogix shines brightest.

As I launch my next chapter in the technology sector with FSLogix, my goal is to impute a “Channel First – Partner Led” mentality into everything that we do. Our unique products offer our global partner eco-system the opportunity to deliver world-class solutions to their customers at internet speeds, driving satisfied, successful customers and a trusting relationship that will last well into the “next big thing!”.

The FSLogix product lineup facilitates Citrix, Microsoft and cloud implementations, adding unique value impacting ease of use and delivering and end-user experience that one would expect.

I look forward to working with you and your team in our Channel-First & Partner-Led initiatives.

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