Symantec SWV and FSLogix Apps Demo

Posted by Randy Cook on Mar 25, 2014, 8:33:57 PM

Recently we’ve done some testing here at FSLogix to make sure that our Apps product works with Symantec’s SWV (SVS) application virtualization product.

We’ve also put together a demo video that shows the products working together along with some of the interesting use cases:

At FSLogix we've developed a product that controls application, plug-in, and add-in visibility dynamically by user.  When a user logs on, they will only see and have access to the software they should.  This works seamlessly with Symantec's virtualization and streaming product just as it would with any normally installed software. 

Some of the use cases are:

- Concurrent Multi-user: You want to deploy a virtualized application to a Citrix or RDS server, but you want to limit the visibility of the application to certain users.

- Serial Multi-user: You want to deploy a virtualized application to a system that is used by several users.  You want the application set to vary by user, but you don't want to spend time activating and deactivating at logon/logoff.

- Office Add-in management: You have a virtualized Office package and you need to make an add-in available for certain users.  You don't want to have to maintain multiple packages for the different users.

To try this, you will need the 7.5 SP1 version of SWV (currently in beta) and the current shipping version of FSLogix Apps. 

FSLogix Apps supports all versions of Windows Vista and later (server and desktop, 32 and 64 bit).

You can get more information about FSLogix Apps and request an evaluation at

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