State of the EUC 2018 Survey Results

Posted by Brandon Lee on Jun 5, 2018 12:53:36 PM

VDI Like A Pro ( released the results of their State of the EUC 2018 survey featuring valuable insights into real-world deployments, configuration and usage, both on-premises and in public cloud environments. With over 750 respondents from across the globe, this unbiased, independent, community driven survey focused on covering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Desktop as a Service (DaaS), public cloud, security, devices, Server Based Computing (SBC), storage, hypervisors, GPUs, and the key EUC initiatives for 2019. The goal of the survey was to get a clear view on how the industry is changing and to support all involved with valuable, independent, and unbiased research results based on actual and objective customer data. 

Here is a brief excerpt:

How is the user environment managed in the SBC/VDI environment?

Most of organizations use user environment management (UEM) solutions from Citrix, Microsoft or VMware, totaling 76.2% in 2018. UEM from 3rd party solutions such as Ivanti (Appsense and RES), FSlogix, and Liquidware are used within 21.8% of the organizations.

Both Microsoft and Citrix user environment management solutions have seen increasing usage in 2018 while usage of AppSense and RES solutions (both from Ivanti) is declining rapidly. FSlogix Profile containers are gaining more traction with 3.90% usage in 2018.


VDI Like a Pro UEM Managed2

How are Windows OS and applications installed, updated and managed? 

We are pleased to see that IT Admins are steering away from making manual changes to their master images, with 23.74% in 2017 dropping down to 21.86% in 2018.  This labor-intensive and error-prone way of working can seriously impact the performance and uptime of your environment, while plenty of alternatives already exist that can automate these tasks. Microsoft SCCM adoption is declining from 28.93% in 2017 to 21.86% in 2018. Microsoft WDS/MDT is increasing from 4.87% in 2017 to 9.60% in 2018. Usage of layering technologies from Citrix and VMware is still small but is increasing. RES (Ivanti) Automation Manager is declining from 7.23% in 2017 to 4.73% in 2018. 

VDI Like a Pro UEM Managed3

VDI Like a Pro UEM Managed4

Learn more and download the full survey report from VDI Like A Pro


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