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Posted by Nic Burkinshaw on Feb 29, 2016 11:19:49 AM

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Samsung recently announced their dev kit for Artik 5 IoT devices. In stock at Digikey, priced at £70 and delivered in 3 days. Note that the pic above shows the whole dev kit - Artik 5 is the plug-in board located left of centre. Artik 5 provides ARM7 dual-core CPU @ 1GHz, 512MB LPDDR3 + 4GB eMMC. The module is well-connected wirelessly with WiFI, BLE 4.1 and ZigBee. In addition, there is LoRa (SigFox) and Z-Wave hardware installed on the dev board. To ease development, Arduino connectors and libArduino enable simple prototyping with the Arduino IDE. The eMMC comes with Fedora 22 installed and it took me 30 mins to register on configure WiFi and run htop:



Also built-in to the dev board are USB console, MicroSD, audio, 2nd USB port, JTAG, Secure Element - TEE (TrustZone), LiPo battery support and connectors for camera and 480x800 display.

This has to be the most flexible, low-cost and productive way to learn and develop IoT wireless solutions in your favourite coding language - top marks to Samsung!


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