Running Office 365 in VMware Horizon? Why Insentra says "You need FSLogix"

Posted by Brandon Lee on Mar 14, 2017 9:30:27 AM

Microsoft MVP, Citrix Technology Professional, and VMware EUC Champion Aaron Parker, of Insentra, discusses VMware's recently released white paper detailing Best Practices for Delivering Microsoft Office 365 in VMware Horizon 7 with Published Applications.

Much to Aaron's surprise, the paper recommends two critical aspects of Office 365 that VMware's "own add-on products to Horizon - recommendations for Outlook cached-mode and OneDrive for Business" fail to address.

The goal, afterall, is to provide users with a more local PC-like experience in RDS and non-persistent environments. However, while Microsoft has actually supported Outlook cached-mode under RDS since Outlook 2010, it has come with some challenges. Aaron points out that "the recommendation by VMware in their white paper, follows Microsoft’s recommendation to place OST files on a network share. In practice, this doesn’t always perform well and often results in corrupted OST files."

Bewildered, Aaron continues with, "Given that VMware has an application layering solution in App Volumes, I’m more than surprised to see VMware’s recommendations for these two key components of Office 365 in this white paper."

Ultimately, Aaron concludes that FSLogix Office 365 Containers and Profile Containers are the key enabling solutions for Outlook cached mode and OneDrive for Business. "With these solutions you can provide users with a dependable, performant and native user experience for Outlook and OneDrive for Business increasing user experience and productivity. Additionally you can even enable Windows Search under Horizon RDS to enable the last piece of the puzzle. Imagine being able to give users a local PC experience for their applications with the great remote desktop performance that Horizon provides – whether that’s on-premises with Horizon or in the cloud with Horizon Cloud."

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