Rorymon's Application Virtualization Smackdown 2016 Winners

Posted by Brandon Lee on Jan 18, 2017 9:49:56 AM

Industry expert Rory Monaghan, in collaboration with Jurjen van Leeuwen and Ruben Spruijt, released their Application Virtualization Smackdown 2016 whitepaper in early November '16. In Rorymon's recent blog post on Algiz-Technology, he takes the time to review each product in the following categories: Application Virtualization, Containers, Application Layering, and Other. By segmenting the assortment of products into these categories, Rory provides us with his own personal verdict of each product, along with the respective categorical winners.

Rorymon Smackdown Categories.jpg

Rory's VERDICT on FSLogix:

"FSLogix are the kings of simplicity. Everything they do is as the name suggest the most logical approach. It’s by no means perfect for every situation but I believe with their Office 365 product, a lot more doors will open for them and we’ll see more and more FSLogix in enterprise – and I ain’t complaining! For more about FSLogix, check out my articles."

CLICK HERE to read the full blog and determine if you agree/disagree with his assessments.

Topics: Application Virtualization, containers, Application Layering

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