Roaming Office 365 OST cache in physical desktop environments using FSLogix

Posted by Brandon Lee on Jun 27, 2018, 10:34:12 AM

Office 365 is the fastest growing product in Microsoft's history. With that in mind, George Spiers, took the time to address the challenges around Office 365 and how FSLogix can resolve those challenges in not only a virtual environment, but also a physical desktop environment.

George has a lot of experience in the healthcare industry, where users are often hopping from station to station throughout the workday, making online mode an unacceptable method for Outlook mail (too slow!). However, cached exchange mode presented it's own unique set of challenges for these healthcare organizations.

"FSLogix has a solution called Office 365 Containers, but it is not just for virtual environments as one may think. FSLogix also works on physical desktop PCs, and I know a lot of healthcare organisations running large physical workstation deployments along with having a smaller percentage of virtual environments hosted by Citrix or VMware."

Read more about why George Spiers views FSLogix as "A solution to resolve all challenges" for Office 365

Topics: Office 365, FSLogix Office 365 Container, OST Cache, Physical Desktops

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