Right Place, Right Time, Right Team – Why I am so excited to expand my role at FSLogix

Posted by Doug Coombs on Mar 5, 2018 9:00:00 AM

I have been around the block, maybe twice, but who’s counting?  I have worked for and With Multi-National, Multi-Billion Dollar companies.  I have worked for months, without a paycheck, to get start-ups, well, started up.  I have been a Support Technician, Engineer, Architect, Sales Person, Product Manager, and Executive; in the case of the aforementioned startups, simultaneously.  I have worked for people I didn’t care for – but far far more often the people I have worked with and for have been brilliant, talented, well intentioned, kind, tireless and oozing with passion.  Those short, but seemingly endless stints in ever shrinking coach seats aside, I have enjoyed every minute of the past, ummmm . . . few years.  In short, I have been seriously career blessed!

As great as all those years, places, roles and opportunities have been, I have never been so filled with excitement and anticipation as I am now, moving from an advisor at FSLogix, to a position on the team.

I could now write about the company’s solutions, customers, alliances, and so forth, and I certainly will in the future, but not now.  In this post, I would like to focus on the fundamental reason I am so excited for my opportunity to have an expanded role at FSLogix, and that is that FSLogix is at the right place, at the right time, with the right team.

In physics, time and space (or place) are fundamentally intertwined – even to the point of being one and the same, business is no different.  This can be illustrated using Electric Cars, which were common in the late 1800s, but due to a variety of reasons, largely went into hibernation until recently.  A combination of factors such as environmental considerations, technological advances driven by other applications, and a spike in gasoline and diesel prices, created the right TIME for the Electric Vehicle (EV) PLACE.

Ignoring the likes of Fisker, enter Elon Musk and Tesla, the (or at least a) right TEAM to address the EV place-time.  Now nearly every vehicle manufacturer on the planet has embraced an EV strategy, with some, like Volvo, committing a move to full electric product lines.  Without access to alternate realities we will never know for sure, but it is difficult to argue that the rise of EVs has not been driven, or at least accelerated, by Tesla’s commitment, progress, and at least by some measures, success.

Over the past decade there have been tectonic shifts in the way that solutions, and particularly business solutions, are created and delivered to users.  Hardware, bandwidth, operating systems, interpretive layers, execution space, delivery method, and end-user savvy have all changed significantly.  The opportunities presented by these new technologies are numerous and promise a more efficient, user friendly and secure user computing future.

That said, not all cars on the road are, or any time soon will be, self-driving all electric models of the future; they must coexist with 10, 20 and even 50 year old vehicles.  Likewise, businesses large and small, will have legacy solutions for some time to come.

Enter FSLogix.  I can’t say how strongly I believe that FSLogix has the (or at least a) right team to help businesses embrace the user computing renaissance that is upon us.  From improving the stability and performance of the latest cloud solutions, to enabling decades old applications in modern end user environments, FSLogix is, and will continue to be, a thought and technology leader.

I won’t reiterate the pedigree of the leadership team here since it is on the bios page, but will say I have never been involved with a young company that has attracted a more senior, suited and focused executive staff.

The engineers at FSLogix have a rare balance of technological curiosity tempered by a pragmatic realism.  As a product leader I can say that it is an absolute pleasure to collaborate with a team that is never short on ideas, but infinitely practical when it comes to application.  Having worked with individuals on the sales and marketing teams before, I know that they are an equally tireless, but practical, advocate for customers and business needs.

I am honored to have the opportunity to take my next journey at FSLogix. The right PLACE, the right TIME and the right TEAM, who could help but be full of excitement and anticipation?

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