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Posted by Brandon Lee on Jun 15, 2016 11:45:02 AM

The PQR team released their latest User Environment Management (UEM) comparison white paper v16.03, formerly known as the UEM Smackdown.

"...I got questions from people not familiar with the smackdown what it is, the name is not something native English people would use. In English a comparison white paper with a winner is a bake-off. This white paper doesn’t bring out a winner so a bake-off was the wrong word as well. The white paper compares User Environment Management solutions to each other and therefore it is a comparisons white paper." -Rob Beekmans

Below is an excerpt from that white paper, courtesy of Rob Beekman and the PQR team. Updated May 25 2016. 


FSLogix™ Apps with Application and Profile Containers

Introducing: FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix (Q2 2016)


Best of Citrix Synergy 2015 Winner, Application and Desktop Virtualization, FSLogix addresses problems that have prevented wide scale adoption of the enterprise virtual workspace, simplifying administration and providing the best user experience for maximum productivity. FSLogix Apps dynamically provides per user application visibility, and allows applications to run at native speed with no need for sequencing and repackaging. FSLogix Profile Containers provide the industry's fastest logon time and allow applications like MS Outlook and Windows Search to run at speeds on par with local installations (finally!). Profile Containers enable large file access and true Cached Exchange Mode for Office 365 and other hosted email products, eliminate the logon storm impact of folder redirection, and significantly reduces load on network and server resources.


New in Q2:  Starting in Q2, 2016, a subset of Profile Containers will be sold as a separate drop-in module, FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix, allowing administrators to take full advantage of our Office 365 support without having remove their existing profile solution. This new offering is the industry’s first drop-in solution that enables true Cached Exchange Mode for all virtual workspaces using Office 365, and real time search for virtual desktops. FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix installs in minutes, and allows enterprises to virtualize and persist OST files for users with XenApp, Terminal Services, and non-persistent or ‘pooled’ virtual desktop infrastructure. In addition to addressing email and search performance, critical settings for Office 365 such as OneDrive cache, Skype for Business global address list (GAL), and Windows search database will now persist between sessions.



Image Masking Drives Revolutionary Innovation

FSLogix Apps is a solution designed to enable IT Administrators to manage the emerging enterprise workspace, reducing the amount of hardware, time and labor required to support physical, virtual, and cloud desktops. FSLogix has developed a technique called Image Masking to create a single Unified Base Image that hides everything a logged in user should not see. This approach provides predictable and real-time access to applications and other workspace components like fonts, browser plugins, application and add-ons, easily addressing complex management problems like regional or departmental uniqueness of plugins – all from a single image. Image Masking uses advanced file system filtering which extends from the base image out to VHDs and other critical infrastructure areas.


Image masking functions identically and transparently across a wide range of Windows-based platforms, simplifying the path from traditional to virtual environments, with a single, unified approach to image management, profile access, and application delivery. Installed as a software agent, FSLogix Apps seamlessly integrates with Windows centric desktop virtualization solutions from Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, and other industry leaders.


FSLogix Apps targets the following three solution areas:


  1. Gold Image Consolidation: With Unified Base Images, enterprises can combine all applications, plus browser and app plugins, onto a single gold image, or greatly reduce their current number of images. Based on the image masking technique, users see only the applications, plugins and other components that they are licensed and authorized to see, simplifying application delivery across physical and virtualized Windows infrastructures. Every application, extension, font, etc., installed in the Unified Base Image is available in real time only to users authorized to access them. Unlike traditional application virtualization, Image Masking allows real-time application execution with natively installed applications, and no repackaging or sequencing.


  1. User Profile Containerization: Profile Containers are local or remote volumes which eliminate the need for folder redirection or Roaming Profile optimization, allowing users to have a consistent, familiar, workspace experience with no limitations on the size of the profile or the size of any individual files. This approach solves the problem of large files (like OST’s and PST’s) in VDI and RDSH. Users and businesses increase productivity by having access to their unique work environment on any device, native application speeds and unbeatable logon times. Unlike other products, FSLogix provides this solution without the overhead of remote servers and additional configuration databases.


FSLogix Profile Container

  • Provides sub 15-second logons across all environments and locations for most enterprises
  • Enables true Cached Exchange Mode, allowing Office 365 and internally managed email on virtual desktops to perform like locally installed
  • Eliminates logon storms and recovers critical server and network infrastructure
  • Consolidates profile contents to a single point of management for data retention


Slow logon and application launch times are one of the top complaints in virtual desktops.  Profile Containers are a new architectural approach to address this problem.  Instead of placing all of the user’s files on a network share like in the redirected files approach, FSLogix encapsulates the entire profile –including the registry– in an in-guest container. This advanced filtering approach removes the maximum amount of resource utilization from processing user profile data and eliminates the need for legacy profile products and folder redirection. User profile performance is indistinguishable to local, yet administrators receive the benefits of centralized profiles, including easy off loading for data retention and compliance, with little or no ongoing administration.


FSLogix Office 365 Container for Citrix (New in Q2, 2016)

This component provides just the award winning Office 365 support from Profile Containers, in a simple, drop-in solution that works alongside your existing profile management system.


True Cached Exchange Mode – with patent-pending OST containerization, Outlook on XenApp and XenDesktop can now function and perform as if locally installed on a high performance workstation.  Users don’t need to compromise email and calendar performance to adopt strategic initiatives like virtual desktops.

Real-Time Search – enables inbox and personal folder search to work as designed on XenDesktop, with maximum performance, and no workarounds requiring end-user training or unique behavior between physical and virtual environments.

Plug and Play management – features a micro-application footprint with drop-in installation, GPO templates, simple rules based configuration, and the use of existing CIFS/SMB servers, improving the ROI of existing enterprise infrastructure.

Infrastructure compatibility – works on all major virtual desktop and hosted email solutions, complimenting profile management products traditionally used in virtual workspace environments.

Affordable pricing – with an expected retail list price of $10 per user, there’s no barrier to making email on virtual desktops enterprise class.


FSLogix Apps, Application and Profile Containers, and FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix provide multi-platform support for all major Windows™ based virtual desktops, hosted email providers, and profile management products, turning virtual desktops into the enterprise class virtual workspace.


  1. Just-in-Time Application Delivery: FSLogix supports an unlimited number of Application Containers for situations where combining all applications into a single image is not practical, for licensing or technical reasons. Application Containers may be either local or remote volume libraries. Combining Application Containers with Unified Base Image technology provides the flexibility to IT to use the optimal design approach for their unique requirements.


When using Apps it is not necessary to sequence or package applications. All applications are installed natively using the application’s .msi install. From there, FSLogix Apps takes advantage of Active Directory to control the visibility of when any application is visible to individual users or groups.


Installed as a software agent, Apps has key advantages over traditional application virtualization solutions:


  • Native application performance. Since applications run natively, performance is not impacted.
  • Supports all Windows applications. Platforms can be traditional or virtual desktops.
  • No need to sequence or package applications. Since applications run natively, there is no need to sequence or package. Consequently, all applications, including applications with device drivers, are supported (e.g. iTunes, Adobe Acrobat, Citrix and View clients).
  • Compatible with existing application virtualization solutions. Complements existing solutions especially for applications that cannot be virtualized.
  • Citrix XenApp/RDSH silo consolidation. A single image can contain all virtualized and remote applications for all users, eliminating the need for silos.
  • Multiple application versions in the same image. Application versions reside in the image and are assigned to individual users.
  • Time-to-deploy significantly reduced. Since no packaging is required, FSLogix Apps can be installed onto existing servers and systems for quick deployment.
  • Simplified image management. A single image can contain all versions of all applications for all users.
  • Easy license management. Applications can be revealed or removed in accordance with license requirements.
  • Compatible with application management systems. Can be used with solutions from a variety of vendors, including Altiris Client Management Suite or Microsoft System Center.


FSLogix is engineering the enterprise class virtual workspace. Request a fully functional trial version for your enterprise at www.fslogix.com

Check out Rob's blog about the latest UEM comparison white paper HERE or...

CLICK HERE to download the full white paper

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