New Video: Tim Mangan Explains Layers, Masks, and App-Virt

Posted by Tim Mangan on Jan 5, 2016 6:03:11 PM

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Over the holidays, I created a video explaining the technologies used in application and desktop delivery.  It’s just about 7 minutes, but should help you understand where the different products fit in.



About Deploying Apps (Containers and Layers)

This video is led by Tim Mangan, founder of TMurgent Technologies. It was recorded at the end of 2015 in Canton, MA. This short video provides a primer on the technologies and techniques used to deploy applications and desktops in the enterprise.


Recorded in December 2015, this 7 minute video walks through the variery of technical approaches used by enterprises to deploy apps and desktops, including imaging, ESD, layering, masking, and app virtualization. This is a quick primer to put the different techniques and product features in focus.

Topics: Application Virtualization, layering, Application Provisioning

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