Microsoft: Resolving OneDrive for Business in non-persistent environments with FSLogix

Posted by Brandon Lee on Oct 27, 2017 1:13:04 PM

In a recent article on, Dealing with OneDrive for Business in non-persistent environments (under the Office 365 in RDS and VDI deployments topic), the results of the RDS Gurus report, testing the FSLogix Office 365 Container solution for roaming OneDrive for Business local cache is examined. 

According to this Microsoft knowledge base article, “the OneDrive for Business sync app isn’t supported for client sessions that are hosted on Windows 2008 Terminal Services or Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Services (RDS)." So, what can you do? 

Well, the officially supported solution for OneDrive for Business within non-persistent (pooled) RDS environments is to use the OneDrive for Business web experience. That's right, WEB EXPERIENCE.

For anyone that has used Office products in the past, they can tell you that there is a severe drop off in user experience when using the web. We're all accustomed to the cool features and capabilities of our native apps and going from a native application like PowerPoint to the web/browser experience, results in a near unuseable loss of functionality. 

Key findings from the test results:

  • FSLogix’s O365 Containers provides a user experience comparable to that of a persistent or local environment. For example, users can access their OneDrive for Business files in File Explorer.
  • Because the local cache is stored in the FSLogix container, it follows the user as the user roams.

Conclusion: FSLogix Office 365 Container enables OneDrive for Business local cache to roam in non-persistent environments.

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