Make the Extraordinary Happen in Your Companies: Synergy 2016 Wrap Up and Announcements

Posted by Brandon Lee on Jun 1, 2016 10:13:01 AM

Read our Synergy Announcement from Kevin Goodman, CEO, FSLogix
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Many of us at FSLogix spent time relaxing our brains this past Memorial Day Weekend, digesting the bulk of the content from Citrix Synergy 2016 and recovering from another extremely packed and productive Citrix event. As we look back at an incredible show, here are some highlights which included our Announcement of FSLogix™ Office 365 Container for Citrix, and the opening of our public beta for this release.

“Make the extraordinary happen in your companies.” - Kirill Taterinov, CEO, Citrix

As simple as that may sound, what are the priorities that will make this a reality for your organization? How exactly can we make the extraordinary happen? How is Citrix helping to make that happen? How are YOU making that happen?


FSLogix Booth 729E

Citrix made some big announcements surrounding the direction of their company vision, and their integrated array of product offerings and capabilities and their path to becoming extraordinary. Perhaps one of the largest announcements came with the news of Microsoft Using Citrix XenDesktop to Deliver Remote Windows 10 Desktops from Azure. While actively stressing the growing partnership and relationship between Citrix and Microsoft, it seems fitting that integration was sort of the underlying theme for this year's Synergy. Innovate, integrate, and accelerate!

Taterinov spoke about Economist estimates of $2.7 trillion dollars being lost to the void of the "Technology Productivity Gap (TPG)."

He attributes one of the primary causes of the gap to the current "crisis of complexity and cost in enterprise IT." 

And he's right, right?

We all want a simple, cost-effective means for managing apps, devices, data, users etc., all while retrieving productivity dollars back from the TPG.

CLICK HERE to check out SynergyTV to get caught up on the sessions you may have missed. Get educated on the initiatives that Citrix is actively taking in order to reduce the amount of TPG in existence.

FSLogix is committed to using exceptional engineering to eliminate this gap and deliver on the promise of the virtual workspace, with each product release dramatically reducing the cost of complexity of IT, while enhancing user productivity in a measurable, and meaningful way.

We’re proud to be in alignment with Citrix when it comes to tackling the challenge of the “crisis of complexity and cost of enterprise IT”, and consider this a hallmark foundation of FSLogix, and the development of FSLogix Apps.

Our latest announcement takes a subset of our award winning Profile Container solution, enhances it for full Office 365 support, and delivers it as a simple drop in module, delivering:

True Cached Exchange Mode – Outlook on XenApp and XenDesktop can now function and perform as if locally installed on a high performance workstation

Real-Time Search – inbox and personal folder search to work as designed on XenDesktop

Plug and Play management – a micro-application footprint with drop-in installation, GPO templates, and simple rules based configuration.

Infrastructure compatibility – works on all major virtual desktop and hosted email solutions, complimenting profile management products traditionally used in virtual workspace environments.

Affordable pricing – with an expected retail subscription price of $10 per user, there’s no barrier to making email on virtual desktops enterprise class.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this article from James Rankin, aka The AppSense Bigot, and his comparative metrics using FSLogix.

“Until now, deploying Office 365 on Citrix was impossible without a performance hit.” – James Rankin, EUC Director, HTG TaloSys (aka, The AppSense Bigot)

We’d love to show you how our customers are savings millions of dollars a year in lost end-user productivity by improving logon times, making email and other productivity apps perform as if locally installed, fixing mission critical line of business app performance, and making high-performance, non-persistent, enterprise class virtual workspaces a reality.

Call or email and have a technical solution specialist show you how FSLogix can streamline and revolutionize your approach to the virtual workspace, give you the strongest ROI from your existing infrastructure investment, and drive the highest productivity potential from your end user environment.

Read our Synergy Announcement from Kevin Goodman, CEO, FSLogix
Register for our Latest Beta to supercharge Office 365 on XenApp and XenDesktop
Download and Evaluate FSLogix Apps in your environment




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