Java Version Control Quick Start Guide

Posted by Brandon Lee on Aug 31, 2016 11:47:42 AM

Java versioning, or version control, has long been the bane for many an IT Manager. By default, java will apply the latest installed version to a particular application or website. This can cause some obvious headaches due to the nature of how many of these third-party applications were designed, and what versions of java they find compatible. In multi-user environments, it can be even more complex and costly to try to manage the assortment of java versions that may be required.

With the FSLogix Java Module, the pain from version control has become a thing of the past. Now with our Java Control Quick Start Guide one can quickly allocate and deploy versions of java in a physical or virtual environment within minutes! Learn more about FSLogix Java Control below:

Topics: java, java redirection, java version control

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