IT control of Microsoft Office Add-ins

Posted by Randy Cook on Apr 21, 2014, 3:19:00 PM

IT control of Microsoft Office Add-ins has typically been a problem, especially on multi-user and shared systems.  After an Add-in like Workshare Professional is installed, it will be active for all users of the system.  What if the user doesn’t need access to the Add-in?  The Add-in will show up in the interface, it will consume memory, and there may be unintended licensing consequences.  The memory that some of these Add-ins consume is around 10 – 15 MBs and can add up quickly.

With FSLogix Apps Microsoft Office Add-ins can easily be managed by user account.  The IT administrator simply specifies the users and/or groups that should have access to the Add-in.  When a user logs on to any machine, the FSLogix Apps agent determines if the Add-in should be visible or not.  Users that should have access to the Add-in operate normally while to users who should not have the Add-in it simply looks like it has never been installed.



The FSLogix Apps product works in any Windows environment, so no matter if the user logs on to a shared computer, an RDS server, a Citrix server, or a VDI image, the IT administrator can be assured that the right thing will happen and the user will have a great computing experience.

Our latest TRIALWARE is available here.

Topics: Citrix, RDS, Add-on management

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