Investing in FSLogix - VMblog sits down with President/Principal Architect, Steve Greenberg, of Thin Client Computing

Posted by Brandon Lee on Feb 24, 2017 11:51:42 AM

In this interview, Thin Client Computing President/Principal Architect, Steve Greenberg, sits down with Dave Marshall of VMblog, to discuss his thoughts on the future of the desktop space and what sold him on FSLogix. They nostalgically reminisce about the evolution from thin client computing in the mid-90s to modern day cloud desktops.

One of the underlying factors that led to Steve's investment in FSLogix, rest in his positive experiences overtime with members of the FSLogix team. Steve goes on to assert, "the executive team at FSLogix has a long, in depth history with application virtualization and virtual desktop technology, including solutions like TScale, AppStream, SVS, and products from Wyse.  I've worked with different solutions that they've been a part of for almost as long as I've been doing this, and I've seen how they've continued to positively impact the move toward a more ubiquitous world of virtual desktops."

In addressing how FSLogix specifically coincides with the vision of Thin Client Computing, Steve states that " there are some definite "no brainers."  What they're doing around Office 365 Containers is helping enterprises move all their users, including their RDSH and non-persistent VDI users.  The newest release lets you enable and roam search indexes for Outlook.  Pretty cool stuff.  The virtual workspace needs to perform better than a local workspace, and that's what we love to see.  FSLogix Profile Containers are getting rid of folder redirection, and optimizing login and application start times - and they're doing it alongside all the popular profile management solutions, to help enterprises extend the value of their investments there."

It's important to note that the PC itself isn't going anywhere anytime soon. Steve believes the cloud model serves as an augment, in order to maximize efficiency via a hybrid model of computing. This is highlighted by the fact that "the cloud workspace is the obvious and immediate answer for many different classes of applications, even for those that maintain a local computing component.  What I am suggesting though, is that the primary parts of the enterprise workspace move to the cloud, and I think for most companies, that's possible today.  Even with Citrix, you may be using some apps locally and some on XenApp, like Outlook 2016.  And by using Citrix with FSLogix, you get the cloud benefit of Office 365, the virtual desktop benefits of Citrix, and local performance."

To hear more about Steve's thoughts and predictions for 2017 and beyond, check out the full interview at HERE

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