How to mix FSLogix Office 365 Containers and Online Mode in non-persistent Citrix Environments

Posted by Brandon Lee on Nov 30, 2017 4:05:21 PM

Sometimes it makes sense to use online mode in non-persistent Citrix environments. In James Kindon's latest article, FSLogix or Office Online - Selective use in Non Peristent Environments, he breaks down the considerations of catering for environments where some need profile containers and Cached Exchange Mode, while online mode should suffice for the rest. He specified three easy to drive technologies to achieve this goal.

  • AppLocker
  • Restricted Groups
  • Citrix Workspace Environment Management


With AppLocker, Kindon states that "you will need to decide here on whether you want to block specific apps, or the entire office suite for users and provide them with their web based counterpart."

It's also worth noting, "if you are dealing with high rotation users, there is a good chance you are not licencing them with a 365 Sku that contains office, and if you are using ProPlus with shared activation, then restricting access to any office executable that can’t activate against the user is probably wise anyway."

Restricted Groups

On Installation, FSLogix will create multiple local groups on each server or desktop. He suggests creating a group so that the FSLogix Driver does not attempt to create and attach a disk, and thus does not consume a licence for members of this group.

Citrix Workspace Environment Management

For Published Desktops or VDI environments, utilising Citrix Workspace Environment Management (Or GPP with item level targeting, but hopefully that’s in the past now) we can customise what applications are available and assigned to users, and how shortcuts are presented.

With a little bit of logic, we can replace the traditional Outlook and Office based shortcuts, with their web based counterparts providing a relatively consistent user experience.


  • Native File Type Associations 
  • Understand your target users and what they require

James recommends that "if you are utilising Windows Search roaming as part of your deployment, then deploy a second image and silo your non search users off accordingly. The last thing you want is windows search indexing spiking CPU and IO on your optimised and FSLogix’d Image for your production user base due to high turnover staff with non-roaming search indexes being built at each logon."

Read the FULL ARTICLE from James Kindon

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