How to fix performance issues in VDI

Posted by Aaron Parker on Jul 25, 2017 11:51:23 AM

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David Young (d): Thanks for joining us today. Aaron it’s been a long time since I saw you. Last time I think I saw you, you were heading back down under on a plane, and now you’re back, it’s so good to see you!

Aaron Parker (A): Thanks, I’m slowly getting over the jet lag.

D: I have heard and I have one around here that you can drink a Monster to get over that, no advertisement intended but I like to use those.

D: What is the biggest reason you think FSLogix fixes performance issues.

A: Simplicity.

D: I love that word. I keep telling Kevin to add an ‘S’ at the end of FSLogix to stand for simplicity. He may or may not listen to me, let’s see what the marketing guys say.

A: Because I am a consultant I can go and bill a customer by the hour and that’s great but for my own stress levels for the customer I’m trying to deliver the best solution for the customer in a short amount of time as possible. I don’t want to have to deal with profile management solutions that I have to spend hours and hours on. With FSLogix profile containers I can do that in 10 minutes. And the same with the office 365 piece. I can solve that challenge which people go and do workarounds for that may or may not work and introduce other problems, I can solve that problem in 10 minutes.

D: When I was director of It for a very large financial organisation we used to have consultants come in and give us very complex solutions. So, what I would do is take one of my employees and say “hey sit with him and learn everything he knows and you’re going to know that solution because I never want to have to call the consultant back because all i want is the solution I don’t want to have to call him daily. I would do that then my internal guy would have to train two other people so we have redundancy and the reason we did that so I never wanted to have myself beholden to the consultant as a customer. It sounds like you’re doing the right thing by your customers by giving them a simple solution that meets their needs that if it breaks they’re not going to have to hire some expensive guy or girl to come fix that for them. You have a basic off the shelf system that they can manage themselves.

A: It shows our value to the customer. By delivering that simplicity and not something that’s over engineered…I may be doing less time but I’m showing more value.

D: So you now become their trusted advisor. You come in next time and say oh you need to do FSLogix apps then they go oh Aaron did this really well on profiles and ODFC so let’s trust him moving forward.

D: Hey it has been a pleasure, it’s been great talking to you! Have a good day.


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