Here Comes 1.5 and Other News

Posted by Brad Rowland on Aug 21, 2014 4:14:00 PM

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Last month we started our public beta for version 1.NEXT (now 1.5), adding enhanced support for per-user font management, our first set of extensive reporting capabilities, and enhanced java support, streamlining the ability to specify what version of Java should be used with a particular URL or a particular Java program.  This is useful in situations where a URL or an application requires an older version of Java, but everything else should use the latest, most secure version of Java.

I'm happy to announce that the release of 1.5 is imminent, and you can register to be notified as soon as the code is posted by signing up here.

Using 1.5 for font management

Gene at MBG participated in our 1.5 beta and just posted a short blog on using FSLogix Apps 1.5 to control custom font visibility on a per-user basis.  This can be an effective way to control custom font costs that can be as (astonishingly) high as several hundred dollars per user.  Gene's How To post is here.


Cloudvolumes acquired by VMWare

Congrats to our friends and colleagues at Cloudvolumes, officially acquired by VMWare yesterday and covered in this report by Brian Madden.  This is great news for the Cloudvolumes team and the virtual desktop customers at VMWare.

And to quote Brian Madden, "Congrats to VMware and CloudVolumes. Good move for both. And, frankly, congrats to Unidesk, FSLogix, and Liquidware who can now sell to 100,000 Citrix customers who will soon want this CloudVolumes-like thing too."  We believe, as Cloudvolumes and others do, that new delivery models require new delivery and management methodologies, rather than the same old repackaging of solutions designed to address problems from 15 years ago.

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