GOODBYE legacy profile management.

Posted by Brad Rowland on May 13, 2015, 10:13:00 AM

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With our announcement at Synergy this week we hope to have put the final nail in the coffin for traditional profile management approaches in VDI and RSDH.


Very little has changed with this technology for many years, with vendor after vendor releasing new ways to optimize the problem rather than eliminate it.  As Dr. Benny Tritsch said in his recent article, the pain of profile management "has not changed much in the last ten years."  Technology advancements during this time have brought us less management, less configuration, less problems, but it’s still a big pain point for most environments.

Folder redirection is sub-optimal no matter how much it’s optimized, and large files like Outlook OSTs are a large problem.  This is costing you in hardware, man-hours, and end user satisfaction.

While we at FSLogix prefer the term container" instead of “layered”, no matter what you call it, our new in-guest, streamed approach for centralized user profiles, needs no management, no configuration, and has no overhead.  What we’ve reduced dramatically is the amount of network traffic, file opens, server overhead, and login time.

One of our early adopter customers and long time voice in the Citrix community, Michael Thomason from Emory Healthcare said FSLogix Apps 2.0, “...solves many of the problems we have tried to solve with application virtualization for many years. It just works!  The user profile containers are the best thing to happen to user profiles since they were invented.”

The hardest part about writing up the handout for people at the Citrix show was finding a graph that visually compared the amount of data and overhead generated by the different approaches because the FSLogix amount was so small.

 Profile Performance versus Folder Redirection

If you’re at Synergy this week, stop by booth 612 to see a demo and ask all the hard questions.  Simple to install, no configuration, immediate benefit to your users, network and servers, and it just works.

“Traditional profiles are dead, long live layered profiles!” - Dr. Benny Tritsch 

2.0 Demo Video:  Unified Base Image management with App and Profile Containers

FSLogix Apps 2.0 Product page



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