Beta Signup Opens Today - Support for Outlook Search in Citrix XenApp/RDSH

Posted by Brad Rowland on Oct 26, 2016 7:14:33 PM

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FSLogix is opening registration for the next version of Office 365 Container. This release is focused on enabling Windows Search database roaming, to support Outlook's search capability for Citrix XenApp/RDSH environments.

If your users need search on RDSH, or your organization is using Office 365 with virtual desktops, sign up for our beta program to get early access to code, prerelease blog approval, and automatic registration for participation prizes. If this is something that could help your organization, act now, because our last two beta's closed early due to the high response rate.

"FSLogix gives us true cached Exchange mode through its Office 365 Container. Our Outlook launch times went from several minutes to seconds. We also saw a dramatic improvement in the ongoing performance issues when navigating within Outlook such as opening a new email and composing an email, replying to an email, and switching to the calendar. FSLogix removed the roadblock that Cherry Health had reached with its Office 365 migration." -- Tim Riegler, Cherry Health

Initial results of our internal testing of search on XenApp has shown equivalent results to FSLogix non-persistent XenDesktop search.

REGISTER for FSLogix BETA.NEXT (code name, GigaWatt)
READ the Cherry Health, Office 365 Case Study
LEARN about the features in our last release
WATCH Microsoft and Citrix Ignite session recommends FSLogix

What's new in our latest "GigaWatt" beta:

  • Enable Outlook's Instant Search in Citrix XenApp/RDSH 
  • TOP SECRET:  register to learn more

Beta participant requirements*

  • Attend kick off webinar
  • Schedule GTM session for initial install
  • Actively report back on key functionality (performance improvements versus online search or current workarounds)

*Meeting participation requirements allows you to continue participation and qualify for prizes, including free software 


The RDSH community has long sought after a solution that effectively addresses Outlook's instant search capabilities in concurrent multi-user environments, like Citrix XenApp. Over the past 15 years, a simple, clean, and fully functional solution has not been readily available, causing challenges for users and admins, and slowing enterprise adoption of the digital workspace. In our last release of Office 365 Container we addressed search in pooled XenDesktop. With our new beta, the challenge with Outlook search function in shared environments, such as Citrix XenApp/RDSH has been eliminated.

A number of industry professionals have worked to find suitable workaround solutions, yet the challenge has been bigger than expected. Though some may appear to work on the surface, beneath the hood many workarounds have opened up major security holes, degraded user experience, overloaded servers and network assets, and substantially degraded feature functionality and performance.

Using FSLogix Office 365 Container, concurrent multi-user systems can be enabled for Outlook search by roaming the Windows Search database. This service enables caching, much like a caching proxy server, where our Agent can intercept and augment changes, as needed, to the index within the users profile (typical storage location). This enables near native performance for the end user in Citrix XenApp/RDSH but prevents the system from having to rebuild the index at each user logon.


Securing FSLogix Profile and Office 365 Container - Aaron Parker, Insentra

Office 365 on a non-persistent Citrix desktop? FSLogix does that for you! - Christiaan Brinkoff, Detron

FSLogix Quick Start Guides:  Be up and running in minutes!

Find out more and test this functionality in your environment by registering for our Beta Program!


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