FSLOGIX leads the race in Office 365 Non-Persistent Comparison Matrix

Posted by Brad Rowland on Feb 1, 2018 10:40:16 AM

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EUC architect and distinguished engineer, David Wilkinson, recently published his analysis on challenges experienced when adding Office 365 to a virtual desktop environment. Key challenge areas include Outlook cache, Outlook search indexing, and OneDrive for Business. Outlook CEM is also required for many business critical application plugins to function.

This is a summary of his findings. The link to the full article is posted below.


Reviewing each of the products i have completed the comparison matrix below with the 3 challenges (Outlook/Search/OneDrive) plus two additional features:-

  • Concurrent access – does the product allow for concurrent access to VHD/VHDX
  • Profile Agnostic – does the product work with any profile solution (Citrix UPM, Roaming, Mandatory etc)

The following is the outcome of the comparison:-


Overall in my personal view here is my Leader board:-

  1. FSLogix Office 365 Containers – It meets the requirements to address the challenges + Concurrent access to container by multiple sessions + Profile agnostic + Single/multi-user roaming search index.
  2. Liquidware ProfileUnity – It meets the requirements to address the challenges but would require users profiles to be completely migrated  to ProfileUnity from your existing profile solution. Also Indexing/Search is only available for single user environment.
  3. Citrix App Layering – it only addresses one of the challenges, it is tied to Citrix User Profile Manager and is in its early life and not mature enough to recommend any higher.
  4. Ivanti Workspace Manager – it only addresses one of the challenges, lacks the common troubleshooting/logging ability that would be required to deploy this at any scale.

Read the FULL ANALYSIS here.

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