FSLogix Apps for Citrix AppDisk Reference Architecture

Posted by Brad Rowland on Oct 22, 2015 3:06:00 PM

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Optimizing the way applications are delivered and managed has been an ongoing challenge in enterprise IT, and the variety of approaches over the years have been received with varying degrees of success. While every method has pros and cons, some of the most stubborn issues include time-to-deliver, application conflicts, plug-ins and licensing. The too-frequent result is high IT overhead, too many gold images and excess spending on application licenses.

FSLogix has just released our reference architecture for combining Citrix AppDisk with FSLogix Apps.  We believe this combination provides a unique set of features that can improve end-user productivity, reduce IT overhead and lower the cost of desktop management. With FSLogix Image Masking technology, AppDisk layering gains very granular and powerful user-based policy control over every aspect of a user’s desktop and applications, and enhances the ability to distribute applications on network attached disk images. FSLogix Apps also enables AppDisk to scale to a much greater degree than any other similar technologies available today.

This document details what is possible when FSLogix is combined with Citrix AppDisk and suggests best practices for installing and configuring the products for maximum flexibility and applicability in various environments.

Note:  We will be providing updates based on community feedback, and lab and pilot experience.  Please leave any suggestions or corrections in the comments area below.

Special thanks to the following people for assisting in the review.

Eric, of xenappblog.com

Rory, of Rorymon.com

Doug, of DABCC

Topics: virtual desktop, Citrix AppDisk, gold image

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