E2EVC: Cool things you didn't know you can do with FSLogix

Posted by Brandon Lee on Feb 13, 2018 1:32:47 PM

Beers and Technology - is there anything better? In November of 2017 at E2EVC Barcelona, Dr. Benny Tritsch and Jim Moyle presented their session "Cool things you didn't know you can do with FSLogix." 

In this session, Benny and Jim review the features of the full FSLogix suite to discuss the use cases for App Masking, Java Version Control, Profile Containers, and Office 365 Containers. The primary focus of the discussion was to point out the specific gaps that these solutions fill in today's digital workspace.

Feature Highlights:

The session concludes with an interesting video demo of Jim Moyle's How to host your FSLogix profiles and Office data in Amazon S3 storage 

Watch the full session below:

Topics: E2EVC, Office 365, FSLogix Apps

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