Deep Dive: Cláudio Rodrigues compares Microsoft UPD and FSLogix Profile/Office 365 Container

Posted by Gabe Knuth on Oct 30, 2018, 1:48:34 PM

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FSLogix created Profile Container to address the challenges of folder redirection and roaming profiles, while also supporting Office 365 and other applications that didn’t behave properly with any other profile storage solution. Though it may look similar to Microsoft’s UPD on the surface (both approach the problem using a virtual hard disk that contains the profile, which is attached to the OS at logon), the FSLogix implementation goes above and beyond UPD to provide an entirely seamless remote profile experience that supports any application, without roaming profiles, folder redirection, or a backend system. With our new Cloud Cache technology, those profile containers can be stored in multiple locations at the same time, even in the cloud.

Since weclaudio can talk about our own products all day, we asked Cláudio Rodrigues to take an independent look at how Profile ontainer and our Office-only solution, called Office 365 Container, compare to UPD. If you know Cláudio, you know he does't pull any punches!

In his white paper, he shows how to configure UPD, Profile Container, and Office 365 Container. He then goes on to describe how you can use Office 365 container alongside UPD to add Office 365 support without replacing your existing profile storage techniques, as well as how you can install FSLogix Profile Container to consolidate functionality into one platform that truly is the best of both worlds.

To find out more, head over to his post at There, you’ll learn why Cláudio said, “No other solution on the market, from any vendor, provides you with the same feature set available and more than that, can be transparently migrated to a completely new platform in case you decided to do so.”

Topics: User Profiles, UPD, Microsoft Roaming Profiles, Cloud Cache, FSLogix Profile Container, whitepaper

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