Customer Quality, Culture, and Competency - Why I Joined Team FSLogix

Posted by David Young on Sep 2, 2015 7:43:08 PM

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After spending 6 years at VMware as one of the initial Desktop Sales Engineers, it became clear that traditional application virtualization (AppV and ThinApp) were still not meeting the expectations of the users, admins, and the industry.  Many people were seeking the utopia of single image management, with layered or virtualized applications, however this was very difficult to achieve, due to the complications of app-virt and the inherent complications of app isolation from the OS, and isolating apps that were designed to work together.  VDI and application virtualization had promised to simplify the enterprise workspace, but the products coming to market seemed to be just as complicated as distributed physical desktops, but now with the added problem of some tools working in one environment, some working in another, and none working together.

Looking out in the industry for something that actually reduced complexity, I continued to run across FSLogix as a solution to some of the largest problems still facing VDI, like management tool complexity, image sprawl, and sequencing overhead.  Reviewing and testing the product showed me that it really was a new architectural approach, that is was leading edge, and the it delivered the simplicity and the value FSLogix was advertising.

What was even more interesting were the types of customers I got to talk to who had already purchased and implemented FSLogix.  On one end of the spectrum were call centers who simplified and streamlined their entire operation to a single image, deployed through RDSH, completely eliminating traditional management, on the other side was a global architectural firm with thousands of true power users, who had used FSLogix to eliminate app-virt, and optimized their centrally hosted Citrix environment to run almost indistinguishably from being locally installed.  FSLogix really was a solution that helped all environments with their virtualized desktops, regardless of size, and regardless of complexity, and regardless of infrastructure platform.

In discussions with executive management, Kevin and Randy stressed their belief that moving to virtual and cloud based desktops should be simple, it should be easy, it should reduce cost and complexity, and never, under any circumstances, should it sacrifice performance.  The technical and business background of the executive and management team is pretty convincing, with many successful projects in this space, and a history of solving big problems.

The latest version of FSLogix Apps is really a one stop shop for application entitlement, installing and running apps natively, as they were designed - and not just apps, but browser plug-ins, add-ons, fonts - everything required to build the desktop.  The Java redirection solution is amazingly simple to use, and Profile Containers finally eliminate the need for folder redirection, allow you to put OSTs back in the profile, and stop logon storms from crushing your server performance.  And it installs in about 15 minutes.

With my technical background, I’m always excited to work with great technology, but what I am excited about the most is being able to help customers move their environment to the next level, and seeing IT improve the competitiveness and business agility of the enterprise they support.


While at VMware, David was an End User Computing (EUC) Solutions Architect, representing VMware's Federal Center of Excellence (CoE).  As the lead architect of the EUC CoE team, David focused on driving adoption of VMware's End User computing solutions while addressing the unique mission-sensitive needs and objectives of the Federal marketplace.

David has over 23 years of experience in the IT industry, including a 10-year enlistment in the US Navy serving within the Submarine Communications arena.  Post military he moved to the Commercial industry, holding IT positions within manufacturing, finance, and health care. As a consultant, he provided service to the Fortune 100.  After joining VMware, David wanted to get back to supporting the Federal Government and has spent much of his time focusing on End User Computing within Department of Defense, Military Medical and Civilian agencies.  His background includes expertise in data center and cloud architectures, systems engineering, desktop management, and mobile device management. David is a great resource for leading, defining, and executing End User Computing transformations in the enterprise.

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