Cloud-based roaming profiles in Azure using FSLogix Profile Containers

Posted by Brandon Lee on Apr 4, 2017 2:00:30 PM

James Rankin, aka, TheAppSenseBigot, goes down the road to take some Windows 10 machines built from the same image to try to set up a cloud-based method for dealing with user profiles. He selects FSLogix Profile Containers for this task in order to keep it simple and straightforward.

With this particular goal in mind: "What I want to concentrate on is whether we can move these profiles into Azure or another cloud-based system with a minimum of effort and maintenance. From this, we could gain an essentially cloud-native profile management solution, so users could log onto an on-premises device and make settings changes, then pick up a laptop which hasn’t touched the corporate network (or maybe even can’t touch it) and then see their settings updated down onto it."

James goes on to assert that " may be thinking that first of all we need to build a cloud-based Windows file server in Azure, then stand up a federated Active Directory domain controller in there to support authentication, then set permissions and…but no, we don’t need any of that. And to be honest, that sounds like a bunch of work (and potential charges for the server instance). But that’s not what we need, there is a simpler way."

Through a very straight forward and simple approach, James is able to easily and confidently configure cloud-based roaming profiles in Azure. In addition, "Cost-wise Azure Storage Accounts are much better than standing up VM infrastructure to host it, and a lot less effort is involved."

WATCH the VIDEO on how to "Make your Windows profiles cloud-native with FSLogix Profile Containers in Azure"

CHECK OUT James' fantastic article which he summarizes by saying "this is a great way of using Profile Containers or UPD to make your profiles truly 'cloud-native'."

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