Check-in complete – boarding pass issued

Posted by Chris Plant on Jul 31, 2017 9:13:43 AM

I am delighted to announce that I will be joining the FSLogix team on August 1st to run sales for the UK & Ireland. It is an absolute honour to align with well-respected industry friends to form a regional team and help take FSLogix to the next level.

Making a career move is a great opportunity to pause and re-evaluate how the industry sector that interests you has evolved recently. More specifically, identifying what positive disruptions are creating the next wave of growth. I am convinced that the workspace market is going to see a significant shift towards utilising cloud service provision to support end user computing for numerous use cases and across most industry sectors. The legacy barriers (cost, latency, flexibility, licensing, security) inhibiting broader scale adoption of cloud services for workspace delivery have now largely been eroded.

So, the cloud space is fast becoming a no brainer for virtual workspaces… why fly with FSLogix?

The challenge that now seems to be most prevalent for organisations wanting to migrate and make use of workspace aligned services in their relevant cloud (be it private, public or hybrid) is the transformation time and cost required to get desktop applications, supporting middleware and user profiles into a workspace ‘cloud ready’ format.

Apart from the attraction of working with an awesome team in a young and dynamic company; from a technology perspective, I am blown away by the formidable desktop transformation toolset the team at FSLogix have developed that helps organisations quickly and effectively get themselves into a workspace ready format to harness the power of their cloud in days, not months.

I look forward to meeting up with many industry friends and contacts as I start work to amplify our value proposition throughout the UK & Irish market in August!

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