BrianMadden: FSLogix's new features are the features to beat

Posted by Brad Rowland on Jul 10, 2015, 10:36:42 AM

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Gabe Knuth of is nearly ready to dub 2015, "The Year of Application Management."  This is a topic that needs all the attention it can get, since the space is long due for an overhaul in the approach and the technology used to address the problem.  Most of you probably remember the first time VDI was really highlighted at VMworld, and many management vendors showed their development support by adding a lowercase "v" to their product names.  This was supposed to somehow give you confidence that management products based on the emergence of the networked PC in the late 90's were now optimized for this complete paradigm shift to the virtualized workspace.

But as you can guess, managing virtual desktops has taken (and will take) a lot more than certifying your PC management agent to run in a VM.

In his recent article, "FSLogix's new features are the features to beat in application management", Gabe discusses current and emerging products in app management and layering, like; Ceedo, CloudHouse, FSLogix, Liquidware Labs, Numecent, Unidesk, and VMware AppVolumes.

"That, of course, is not meant to discount App-V and ThinApp and anything else you might be using, but these platforms are intended to take advantage of the fact that the reasons we’re packing and deploying applications today is different than they were a decade ago."  <<--- exactly

The article covers our full solution, from the core functionality of unified base image management and image masking, through our new 2.0 feature set, calling Profile Containers the coolest thing we have going for us right now, and how we address the "mini-denial-of-service-attack" (LOL) from folder redirection.

I think we've got a lot of cool things going on right now, and seeing customers collapsing silos, eliminating sequencing and re-packaging of many of their apps, and moving to more of a unified image approach are just some of the other really cool things.  That's in addition to revolutionizing user profile management in a way that drops almost all ongoing management overhead, and reduces network and server traffic to a fraction of what's seen in folder redirection.

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